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Restructuring Institute Rudjer Boskovic

A group of Rudjer Boskovic Institutes' (RBI) scientists has proposed a programme under the title RBI-BAR for restructuring the Molecular Medicine Department within RBI. Ruđer Bošković Institute for Biomedical and Applied Research (RBI-BAR) has set the goal to steer biomedical research into new avenues of innovation and technology, and to become the leading institute for basic and applied research in Biomedicine in Croatia and South Eastern Europe. The mission is "to provide innovative molecular solutions for major diseases of the world through scholarship and collaboration". RBI-BAR will promote the innovative use of genetic and genomic approaches and technologies for basic science discoveries and clinical research applications for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of relevant human diseases with focus on cancer.

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

The donor community, and in particular the European Union, is supporting Croatia in its efforts to improve the innovation climate, and to encourage the commercialisation of research results. EU assistance is channelled through a number of IPA-funded projects. In the field of innovation and technology transfer, one of the most important tools within IPA is the “Science and Innovation Investment Fund” (SIIF).
Underlying Action 'CREATION OF RESEARCH RELATED INFRASTRUCTURE FOR TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE AND APPLIED GENOMICS' (contract amount: EUR 491.485,24) is implemented through a SIIF grant at Ruđer Bošković Institute.
The Action provides an opportunity to enhance capacities and capabilities at Ruđer Bošković Institute and beyond, and to step up to the next level of modern research and innovation. The combination between Know-How, expertise and cutting-edge technology will support new partnerships between research entities, clinics, academia, and industry for future European collaborative research. A graphical overview of the Action concept is shown below:


Project financial structure:



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