Recombinant protein production

Infors HT Bioreactor

Available in bacterial  culture version for small, medium and large-scale recombinant protein production.

- Pick clones from the human ORFeome collection for production of relevant recombinant proteins

Browse the hORFeome collection to find desired clones

- Enhance own recombinant protein production by replacing shake flasks or spinners with our bioreactor

- Use recombinant protein for functional studies or microarray production

Technical features



Standard Measuring and Control Parameters:

  • Stirrer speed
  • Temperature
  • pH (with CO2 valve on cell versions)
  • pO2 (option on standard bacterial version)
  • Antifoam/Level (option)
  • Oxygen supplementation (option)
  • Feed (option)

Vessel sizes

2.5 L and 5.0 L total volume